Reading Revolutionaries

Reading Revolutionaries is a course in which children connect to books, other children and their own imaginations enabling them to fulfil their potential. Younger pupils are inspired to develop a love of books through a buddy system.


  • To equip participating children to read for pleasure on a one-to-one basis with a reading buddy
  • To develop leadership and interpersonal skills in the Reading Revolutionaries
  • To equip a teacher or teaching assistant to guide and coordinate the Shared Reading activity within the school
  • To equip a teacher or teaching assistant to train future cohorts of children as Reading Revolutionaries, ensuring a legacy for the programme


Reading Revolutionaries and their Reading Buddies will feel:

  • More confident in reading and reading aloud.
  • More confident in their social interactions with their peers.
  • More likely to choose to read for pleasure in their spare time.

Teachers or teaching assistants will feel:

  • Equipped to support the Reading Revolutionaries through issues such as material selection, troubleshooting, maintaining momentum etc.
  • Equipped to train future cohorts of Reading Revolutionaries.

Who can be trained?

  • Pupils Year 4 and above who are more confident and enthusiastic readers.
  • Ideal for sixth formers wanting to gain volunteering experience and skills.
  • Teachers, teaching assistants or other appropriate staff members in a position to coordinate the Shared Reading activity.

Who can be chosen as a Buddy?

  • Pupils two school years (or more) younger than the Reading Revolutionaries.
  • Pupils who are reluctant readers.
  • Pupils who benefit from having one-to-one interaction with an older peer.
  • Pupils with English as an additional language.

What’s included?

  • Training for up to ten Revolutionaries plus a staff member.
  • A ½ day of introductory staff training, a full-day workshop with two ½ day follow-on sessions scheduled for the following term.
  • Reading materials selected by course leader.
  • A weekly reading log to support reading pairs and monitor impact.
  • Course handbook for children and adults, including reading recommendations.
  • Pack of 30 books for the school.