Reader in Residence

A highly-trained reader will work within your school to engage students and staff with weekly Shared Reading groups and create a culture of reading for pleasure.


  • To improve students’ relationships with books and reading, using participation in weekly Shared Reading groups.
  • To raise staff awareness of the importance of reading for pleasure and the benefits of the Shared Reading model in the school environment.
  • To establish a culture of reading for pleasure in school.

What will The Reader provide?

  • A trained reader who will work in school for one day per week, for the duration of the programme.
  • Delivery of four reading groups per day with up to five students in each group.
  • Reading materials for weekly sessions.

What will schools be asked to provide?

  • A quiet space for the groups to meet, each week.
  • Baseline and follow up evaluation in order to measure impact.
  • A register of pupils in each group and timetable of the school day.

Which pupils is it suitable for?

  • Suitable for All school ages, from KS1 to A-level.
  • Pupils two school years (or more) younger than the Reading Revolutionaries.
  • Pupils who are reluctant readers.
  • Pupils who benefit from having one-to-one interaction with an older peer.
  • Pupils with English as an additional language.