Early Years

Working with nurseries and schools, the City of Readers Early Years Project enabled parents and carers from some of the most deprived areas of Liverpool, to become reading role models for their children. In just nine months, we trained nearly 100 parents to read interactively with their children. 90% reported increased in confidence in reading with their young ones.

Stories for You and Yours: PVI Two-Year-Old Project 2015

This nine month project, beginning in January 2015, was commissioned to engage parents of two-year-old children accessing 15 hours per week of free childcare, leading to improvements in:

  • the language development of two-year olds
  • the responsiveness to books and storytelling
  • the confidence and skills of parents to share stories with their children

In light of research showing that parents have a crucial part to play in children’s development through reading for pleasure, the project sought to support the city’s most disadvantaged parents to become reading role models, ensuring that their children can benefit from all that reading for pleasure brings from the moment they start accessing childcare.

Notable outcomes of the project include:

  • 90% of parents participating in Magical Storytime sessions reported that their children enjoyed the sessions and benefited from the social interaction within the sessions
  • Over 90% of participating parents and nursery practitioners said they were confident in reading and engaging with children
  • 98% of nursery practitioners reported increased confidence in choosing books to read with children

Download the PVI Project report here